A few years ago we did a major remodel on our house: a demo and add-on kind of project. We had to move our family out for two months while a contractor demolished the back wall of our house and built us a new one, twelve feet further into our yard. During our last meeting  before construction began, our contractor told us, “Listen. I’m going to be in your house for two months. You won’t be there, but I’ll be there every day, working on this house, and I know it’s your home. I want you to feel like you can trust me to take care of it, and I want you to know that I’ll treat your home with respect.”

And he did. He took the home we loved and he made it better and more beautiful. He even fed our cats.

That’s the kind of editor I strive to be.

“Finding Théa Rosenburg has been like discovering the Holy Grail. We have worked with many wonderful people over the years, but Théa has changed the game for us. She has given our publishing company excellent proofreading service, yet even more than that, she has given us thoughtful and insightful editorial assistance on our projects. She takes good books and makes them great.”

NED BUSTARD, creative director for Square Halo Books, Inc., and illustrator of Every Moment Holy


“As a publishing company, Square Halo requires the skill of a competent editor who grasps the complexities of the English language, but also understands the heart of the author. Théa Rosenburg exceeds our criteria. Her work is thorough, reasonably priced, and intuitive. I know this to be true on a very personal level because Théa edited my book. Without ever meeting me, Théa edited my manuscript and showed a deep understanding of my point of view. Her comments were on point but very sympathetic to me as the author. I assure you, if you have a need for an editor, Théa will exceed all your expectations.”

DIANA DI PASQUALE, president and co-owner of Square Halo Books, and author of Speaking CODE


"Théa’s work editing my manuscript was prompt, thorough, and of the highest quality. She was a joy to work with, and I hope to work with her again in the future. I love that I now have an easy answer to the question, 'Can you recommend a great editor?'"

BRYAN ALLAIN, author of Lake Mason and the Firestone Fires

“Working with Théa over the years has been a great experience. Not only does she offer a professional and polished end-product, but she also pushes me to grow as a writer. One of her talents is to take a sentence or paragraph, ask probing questions, and expand on a thought that really strengthens the piece in a way I am unable to do on my own. To this day, as I write I often think, ‘What would Théa do here?’ I highly recommend Théa for any of your editing needs.”

DIANNE JAGO, author of A Holy Pursuit and founder of Deeply Rooted


“Working with Théa has been an absolute delight. From the outset, her warmth and candor made me eager to place my manuscript in her capable hands. Her edits exceeded my expectations. They were incredibly thorough and thoughtful and pushed me to better serve my reader. Thea is both highly skilled and exudes genuine care for a writer’s work. I hope to have to pleasure of working with her again.”

JENN DISCHER, author of The Elk King


I studied creative writing at Western Washington University and later served as a copy editor and content editor for Deeply Rooted Magazine. I now work as a freelance copy editor and proofreader, helping publishers and self-published authors refine and tidy up their books prior to publication. Questions? Contact me at thea.rosenburg@gmail.com.

Contact: thea.rosenburg@gmail.com

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