Wild Things & Castles in the Sky

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Curated and edited by Leslie and Carey Bustard with Théa Rosenburg, Wild Things & Castles in the Sky: A Guide to Choosing the Best Books for Children gives the reader over 40 essays that examine specific types of children’s books and offer suggestions in each category.

“Filled with essays to help you find other commendable books, [Wild Things & Castles in the Sky] also manages to be commendable in itself, replete with wonder, beauty, and inspiration. But I suppose the greatest commendation I can offer is to simply tell you that my book budget grew ten fold with the reading of it.” — HANNAH ANDERSON, author of All That’s Good

Ordinary Saints


Over forty writers celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Square Halo Books with essays on such topics as knitting, home repair, juggling, traffic, pipes, chronic pain, pretzels, and naps. Includes essays by Malcolm Guite, Glenn McCarty, Ned Bustard, and more!

“A delightfully organic fleshing out of the ‘every moment holy’ idea. Real people communing with a real God in the midst of real lives.” — DOUGLAS MCKELVEY, author of Every Moment Holy

Only the Lover Sings


The face-to-face encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well sets the stage for both Matthew Clark's musical album and this series of thoughtful essays from Andrew Roycroft, Lanier Ivester, Théa Rosenburg, Adam Whipple, Heidi White, Jessie Todd, Adam R. Nettesheim, Amy Baik Lee, Junius Johnson, and Rex Bradshaw.

“‘Am I loved?’ There are many reasons, in a world pocked by cruelty and tragedy, that the answer to that question can be profoundly difficult to find. In this beautiful book of song and Scripture, essay and story, Matthew Clark helps his readers to the healing, redemptive, life-forming answer to that burning question by showing us that with God, ‘belovedness is our starting point.’” — SARAH CLARKSON, author of This Beautiful Truth

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